Vincenzo Lombardo (CIRMA, Coordinator)

Rossana Damiano (CIRMA)

Antonio Pizzo (CIRMA)

Stefano Romeo (SHOW.IT, Project leader)

Dario Sergi (SHOW.IT, Developer / Analyst)

Paul J. Flint (LUMIQ)

Giuseppe Gadaleta (LA FIORITA OFFICINA)



Vincenzo Lombardo

Born 1964, is an Associate Professor of Informatics, at the University of Turin, Italy.

He doctorated in Computer Science in the Turin-Milan University Consortium  (1993).

He is co-founder of CIRMA (Centre for Research on Advanced Multimedia).

He is part of the Computer Science programme of the Doctoral School of Sciences and Innovative Technologies.

At public company Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park</a>, he runs the Art-Science Alliance Laboratory (ASA Lab).

He has been the coordinator of the EU-funded project Virtual Electronic Poem (VEP) and of the national project DramaTour.

Currently, he is the coordinator of the project CADMOS.

His research concerns methodologies, models and applications of informatics, and AI in particular, for interdisciplinary challenges, such as the production processes of multimedia artefacts and computational storytelling.

Past interdisciplinary areas concerned natural languange processing and cognitive modeling.

His papers are published in international journals, books, conference proceedings.

He also carries on a production activity in multimedia production, hosted by events at the international level.


Rossana Damiano
Rossana Damiano obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Turin in 2002 and since 2001, she is a researcher in Computer Science and and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of "Scienze della Formazione" of the University of Turin, where she joined the Interaction Models Group.
She teaches the Digital Documentation course and Agents and Interactive Media at the School of Multimedia and Arts of the University of Turin.
She is a member of CIRMA, Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Multimedialità e le Arti (Inter-departmental Centre of Reasearch on Multimedia and Arts) of the University of Turin.
She has been involved in several research projects about AI in media annotation and production: DramaTour, Animatricks, Atlas and she is head of project "Labyrinth: cultural archetypes for media editing", funded by Regione Piemonte (Poli di Innovazione, 2012-13).
Research Areas: artificial drama, interactive storytelling and narrative annotation, semantic technologies for cultural heritage, agent models and agent communication and AI in media production.


Antonio Pizzo

Antonio Pizzo, since 2001, is Associate Professor at University of Turin where he teaches Theatre and Multimedia, and Dramaturgy. He is the founder and a project designer for, where he has been collaborating with different artists (Marcel•lì Antunez Roca, Rosa Sanchez e Alein Baumann, Ali Zaidi, Antonella Usai, Andrea Valle, Alessandro Amaducci).
In the last ten years his research has been focused on performance, drama and technology. He is one of the founder of CIRMA (Centro per la Ricerca sul Multimediale e l'Audiovisivo – where he contributed to develop a computational model of drama (i.e. the Drammar Ontology) and a study on synthetic character as virtual museum guide (
On this topic he wrote Teatro e mondo digitale (Venezia, Marsilio, 2003), and has published numerous paper in journals and proceedings in Multimedia, Virtual Storytelling, and Artificial Intelligence.
Beside, grounded on his Phd dissertation on vernacular actors in Italy, he has develop a specific interest for the cultural implications of Neapolitan Theatre, publishing a number of papers and essays. His last book Scarpetta e Sciosciammocca. Nascita di un buffo (Roma, Bulzoni, 2009) is about the pivotal figure of Eduardo Scarpetta and the born of the comic character Don Felice Sciosciammocca.
For a detailed list of publication see:


Stefano Romeo

His professional experience began in 1994 as a developer in the object-oriented programming (first C + + and then Java). The experience continues in the role of process analysis and definition of functional requirements. The most recent experiences were related to activities of consulting about diagnosis of systems, their redesign and the coordination of the implementation. 


Dario Sergi

His professional experience began in 1999. Deep studies and research in various areas in computer science have allowed him to increase skills and use many scripting languages. Good knowledge in imperative and objected-oriented programming for web, desktop and mobile. His knowledge covers also various kinds of archives (database, ontological reasoner, structured files …) and interfaces with multimedia content (eg. video players). 


Paul John Flint
He is a production manager and line producer. Currently, he works at Lumiq Srl, a production company in Turin.

He can supervise production during shooting, budget evaluation and be a Co-Production analyst; he also organizes and manages technical and creative crews, budgets and client requests for events, TV commercials and corporate videos.

He worked at W&Media srl in Turin, EUPHON Communication SpA (Turin - Rome - Milan), TPI Produzioni Srl in Rome and PAC Produzioni Srl in Rome.