Questions and answers


1. What is CADMOS?

2. How large is CADMOS annotated archive?

3. May I participate into an annotation project?

4. May I start a new annotation project?

5. May I download the CADMOS application for annotation?




1. CADMOS is a project funded by the Digital Creativity Hub of Region Piedmont (Italy).

CADMOS is an acronym for: Character-centred Annotation od Digital Media ObjectS.

CADMOS has two large goals:

- Design of schema and workflow for building large repositories of annotated narrative audiovisual segments

- Develop of a web-based software platform for the annotation of narrative videos

The project has ended in December 2012, though CADMOS is maintained by CIRMA - University of Torino.





2. The prototype annotated corpus developed by project CADMOS include the following titles.


Complete feature film

North by Northwest (Italian version)

Musical videoclip

Taylor Swift

Advertisement (30 sec)


Scenes of features films (Italian version)

- Apocalypse Now: Ride of the Valkyries

- Taxi Driver: "Are You Talking Me?"

- Matrix: "Duel on ceiling"

- La Dolce Vita: "Bath in Fontana di Trevi"

- A Clockwork Orange: "The gang"

- Blade Runner: "Roy Batty monologue"

- Battleship Potemkin: "Carriage falling down"

- The hunter: "Russian roulette"

- Contempt (French: Le Mepris): Titles

- The Snatch: "Bet scene"

Animation short


Short movie (12 min)

Exit Strategy




3. To be a project supervisor, you should first be an annotator in some existing project.

This is to know the system and be experienced in tips 'n tricks.



4. Yes. Please, write an email with your generalities and the motivations for participating into the

CADMOS annotation. Send the email to …



5. No. The CADMOS application is web-based, and is accessible at the address …

However, you should be registered as an annotator (see above) to start practicing with CADMOS.